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Addressable door release from digital audio/video telephone

The Monitor DDS is designed for two-wire audio and six-wire video door entry systems DDS and DDV. Interconnection of digital door entry system and access control system provides not only addressable door lock release with data information, but aslo system operation monitoring (based on the setting in the BBIQ programme). This can be useful to reveal even unwanted intercommunication calls within the door entry system.

The hardware and software of addressable door lock release is designed only door entry systems manufactured by TESLA STROPKOV a.s.
monitor DDS RS485 MONITOR DDS - RS485
The Monitor DDS RS485 for door entry system monitoring and data transfer. BBIQ4G soft support.
monitor DDS RS232 MONITOR DDS - RS232
The Monitor DDS-RS232 for door entry system monitoring and data transfer. Connection via RS232 cable, BBIQ soft support.
Serial cable RS232 with two 9 PIN sockets is used for connection of Monitor DDS-RS232 to PC and also provides on-line operation of the Monitor unit.
Addressable door lock release enables to identify users who open the door from digital audio or video telephones. The standard door entry systems do not support such option and it is not possible to find out what apartment telephone was used to release the door. The door lock release is therefore anonymous and the security of the apartment building is decreased. The addressable door lock release uses a specially designed hardware - Monitor DDS for digital door entry systems and can be connected to access control system DEK SIET and BES. The monitor enables to set address codes to apartment telephones. These codes are used to identify the telephone which releases the door lock. The addressable door lock release is suitable especially for large multi-apartment buildings.

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