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DEK 2803

PPM function
The unit enables to program data from PC into Data Carrier - memory iButton DS1996L-F5. PPM function is supported only by operating-memory units with processor 5.1 and software BBIQ 3.82 or higher version.

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   DUO programming/converter unit PPM/USB-RS485

Ref. no: 2805

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Waranty: 2 years
Country of origin: EU
Manufacturer: RYS

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Product description
DUO programming unit supports two technologies - RFID and iButton. The unit is used to program operating-memory units into access control system, to transmit the RFID tag or iButton identification numbers into the user register. It also works as a converter RS232-RS485 enabling on-line communication between PC and the operating memory unit on longer distances up to 1000 m. This programming unit supports the PPM function Data Carrier update.

- programming of iButtons into the OPJ DS-01
- connection OPJ PC
- PPM function support
- converter USB-RS485
- voltage: powered via USB
- touch probe CZ-2-S with indication LED
- socket USB / RS485

Dimensions of casing box: 40 x 88 x 75 mm (h x w x d)

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