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ddv system
Digital BUS-6 video telephones ELEGANT and power supplies

Digital video telephone is used for video and audio communication with video outdoor panel or audio communication with audio outdoor panel. It also provides phone to phone intercommunication, release of electric door strike and door bell function. The system is able to operate up to 45 video telephones and 55 audio telephones. Each main - primary telephone has to be identified (programmed) with a system number which assigns the telephone to a precise push button or a code dialed on the outdoor panel. There can be other 3 additional secondary video or audio telephones connected to the primary video telephone. They have the same logical address as the primary one they are assigned to the same push button or code. This allows the installation of up to 4 telephones within one flat or office.
4fp21104 Colour video telephone 4FP21104
6-BUS video phone with 3.5 color TFT LCD display (320x234 dots), powered from the entry system, no memory.
4fp21105 Colour video telephone 4FP21105 with memory
6-BUS video phone with 3.5 color TFT LCD display (320x234 dots), memory for up to 64 B/W video frames storage, powered by adapter.
To power the video door entry system DDV KARAT a power supply PS-5E is used. This power supply provides power only for the video system (18 VDC). The electric door lock must have own source of power, as well as the additional camera that can be connected to the video telephone. The type of power supply for additional system components must be selected in order to meet their technical requirements and the manufacturer recommendations.
ps5e Power supply 4FP 672 58
The unit is a source of DC power 18 V and is designed to power digital video outdoor panel and video/audio telephones.
opj Power adapter AC-AC MW
Power adapter MW is a source of DC power 15 V and is suitable for video telephone with memory board and additional camera.

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