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RYS is a Slovak company that trades and develops access control and door communication systems. RYS was founded in 1989 as an installation company. Soon after, the company opened its first shop and started the trading activities. Using all the experiences, the company begun to develop its own line of access control systems in 1999. iButton based access control system DEK was specially designed for multi-apartment buildings and became very popular among the installers and end users.

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Company is focused mostly on wholesales and distributes the products through the national network of installers and small retailers. We also provide commercial/industrial fittings (for apartment buildings, hotels, offices, stores, schools etc.) of access control and communication systems. Our retail shop is often used as a showroom; we also offer free consultations, presentations and trainings for installer companies.

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RYS, Martincekova 3, 821 09 Bratislava, SLOVAKIA
tel: +421 2 53412923, fax: +421 2 5341 7096, email: rys@rys.sk