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Access control system BES with RFID technology
dotoperating units
dotprogramming tools
dotproxi tag and cards
dotproxi readers and Wiegand codelocks

dotexit buttons and emergency exit buttons
dotacoustic signalling device and other accessories
dotpower supplies
dotMonitor DDS - addressable door lock release

System characteristics
dotbasic description

bes system
Compatibility with DEK SIET iButton system

It enables combination of iButton supporting operating-memory units with RFID supporting units.

The RFID operating-memory unit (BES) has the same system features as the iButton units (DEK SIET). Both types are based on the same principle and use BBIQ software. This feature enables their combination within one network of access control system, which can be supervised from one PC. It is also possible to add RFID units into already existing iButton network.

Access control connection diagram
The access control system BES can be interconnected with digital two-wire audio or six-wire video door entry system by means of Monitor DDS unit. When both systems are operating in on-line mode, the data from both systems are stored and processed in one PC with BBIQ software.

bes system connection
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