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The electronic keypad with Wiegand output is used in RFID access control system for release of electromagnetic lock or electric door strike by addressable user codes. The unit provides maximum resistance to outdoor environment. It is suitable to places with high risk of vandal attack or high frequency of use.

Piezo technology
The unit utilizes innovative patented piezo technology assembled in rugged, sealed in keypad with non-moving one-piece construction. This solid-state construction offers years of easy cleaning, reduced maintenance, lower service costs and a long life expectancy.

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   Wiegand output keypad

Ref. no: ASW2626M121N

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Waranty: 2 years
Country of origin: IL
Manufacturer: BARAN

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Product description
Wiegan output keypad is suitable for use in access control system and can be connected to operating-memory unit BES-01. The keypad is specifically designed to provide the industry standard output 26 Bit Wiegand. When connected to the access system, it is possible to programme codes addressed to the each user (each user has own code). Dialling the code on the keypad will be registered in the even log the same way as the use of proximity card or tag is registered.

Pressing the user code followed by pressing the button # sends the number sequence via 26 bi Wiegand protocol into operating-memory unit, which verifies the code and activates the relay. The number of user codes depends on the operating-memory unit capacity.

Technical characteristics
- voltage: 12 to 28 V DC
- stand-by consumption: less than 30 mA
- keypad: piezoceramic EVERSWITCH
(with touch sensor, without moving parts)
- output protocol: Wiegand 26 bit with
programmable address code
- protection class: IP68
- casing: aluminum, vandal-proof, flush mount
- CLICK-N-LOCK mounting screws protection
- casing dimensions: 130 x 86 x 15 mm (h x w x d)
- temperature: - 40C to + 70C, 100% relative humidity
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