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Acess 7A26Pin

PIN Code Indentification
Access 7A 26pin improves security in access control by providing pin code identification to be used together with an identification card. The keypad of the reader is based on EMFi foil technology. The EMFi foil senses the pressure changes on the active key area when pressed. There are no moving parts in the pin pad, and due to this no maintenance is required. The foil as well as the electrical parts of the reader are cast in epoxy and are therefore safe from damage inside the reader. These readers can be used as a proximity reader only, or as a pin pad reader or both combined. This can be configured in the system.

Front cover for Access7A 26pin also available separatly as a spare part.

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   Proximity reader with PIN keypad

Ref. no: ACCESS 7 A26PIN

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Waranty: 2 years
Country of origin: EU
Manufacturer: Idesco

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Product description
The proxi reader Access A7 26PIN with its unique and vandal resistant design is suitable for indoor and outdoor usage and can even be installed directly onto metal surfaces without additional insulation. Its excellent performance and robustness ensures optimal functionality also in harsh environments, with protection class IP67 it is resistant to water and dust. If two readers Access 7A are installed close to each other their distance must not be less than 10 cm.

Technical characteristics
- voltage: 8-30 V DC
- consumption: 30 mA, max. 50mA
- identifiers: EM4102 and compatible
- reading distance: up to 10 cm
- output protocol: Wiegand 26bit
- frequency: 125 kHz
- protection class: IP67
- housing: plastic, black colour
- housing dimensions: 138 x 44 x 24 mm
- operating temperatures: -44C up to +55C

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