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Finish color:
- antiquity copper - .1
- antiquity silver - .2

When ordering the reader module include complete ordering number including finish color specification e.g. 0042009004.1

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   Proximity reader module KARAT

Ref. no: 0042009004

  EUR exl. VAT: 92,40

  EUR incl. VAT: 110,88

Discount: yes

Availability: in stock
Waranty: 2 years
Country of origin: EU
Manufacturer: TESLA STROPKOV

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Product description
The proximity reader module is designed for assembling into modular composition of digital audio or video door entry system DDS and DDV KARAT. The reader fitted into metal module casing provides quality operation and standard reading distance. The module with module lock can be installed as a stand-alone unit or with other modules of door entry systems KARAT.

The module with lock can be taken out of the mounting frame by unlocking the module without necessity to move other door entry panel modules in the composition.

Supported door entry systems:
- two-wire audio system DDS KARAT
- six-wire video system DDV KARAT

Technical characteristics
- voltage: 12 V DC / 50 mA
- identifiers: EM4102 and compatible
- carrier frequency: 125 kHz
- output protocol: Wiegand 26 bit
- reading distance: up to 10 cm
- dimensions of module: 96,5 x 96,5 mm

The basic accessories of door entry systems KARAT (modules, frames, rain shields) are manufactured from aluminum alloy which provides substantial mechanical strength and the powder paint provides sufficient anticorrosive resistance.
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